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Each items sold feeds someone in need.

Ethical clothing with a mission to change how we shop

New vegan range added this month. 

About ETAN


ETAN is the re-brand of Feed Apparel. Even though our name and look has changed our mission has not. We feed people in need for every item sold and we give you, the customer the option to choose who you want to feed for every item you place into the basket.

We are more than another clothing brand. We want to make a difference and help those who are less fortunate.

We work with 2 amazing organisations to feed people:

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The founder, Kevin Patrick came across an article of a gentleman in India who gave up his well-paid job working in a 5* hotel as a catering manager to feed the homeless people of India with his own money. The reason why the gentlemen gave up his job was that one day whilst he was driving back home and waiting in the heavy traffic, he saw a homeless person eating his own excretion due to extreme poverty. After seeing this horrific image the gentleman was not able to sleep or live with himself especially working in an industry where a huge amount of food is wasted.

This saddening but uplifting story gave Patrick the inspiration and drive to create Etan.